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I take great interest in local history. An important source for documentation of past events, buildings and places are old postcards. The use of postcards for social communication climaxed between 1910 and 1920 in Norway. Most of the postcards presented here are from this period. An enormous quantity of motives is present on the cards. I have limited this presentation to postcards with motives from Telemark County, Norway.

The cards are presented here without explicit admittance of the owners of the copyright. This is done partly because the copyright owner may not exist any longer, partly because I regard these postcards as a part of our common cultural inheritance and partly because I assess the commercial value of the motives of these postcards as negligible. If you are in a position to question my assessment of the publication legitimacy of these cards, please drop e an e-mail so we can discuss the matter. So much said, I am very greatful to the bookstore of Erik St. Nilssen. They have documented a lot of Skien's earlier days by printing postcards. Their contribution to the documentation of local history is extremely valuable. Their bookstore still exists. I recommend them if you're in the market for literature about Skien.

The text accompanying the postcards is minimalistic. If you feel like writing a description of the motive(s) that can be published here, you're very welcome. You can contact me at my e-mail address webmaster@hoiset.net. The postcards are not for sale unless otherwise stated. If you're interested in historical postal matters in general, you might like to visit my philately page.

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