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Genealogy is one of the hobbies that I take great interest in. My forefathers have mostly worked with the earth as farmers or crofters in southern Telemark. There are a few farmers and fishermen from the Vestfold and Rogaland counties, too. Another ancestor line consists of townsmen from Skien, with craftsmen and merchants, and some immigrants from Denmark and The Netherlands during the 18th century. Among my mother's ancestors, I have a Swede that moved from beautiful Dalsland during the last half of the 19th century.

The last name "H°iset" origins from a farm in Siljan, Telemark. The farm still exists, but there isn't any family connection any longer.

For the time being, I struggle with the origin of a watchman born in Christiania (Oslo) that moved to Brevik, Telemark. If your're interested, you're welcome to browse through my list of missing persons in my daughter's backline gallery.

I have collected some original information here, and the external links will hopefully guide you in the right direction if I can't help you.

  missing persons among my daughter's ancestors  
  my ahnentafel - a section of it, at least  
  Skien Land Register as of 1st Jan. 1930  
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