Pictures from Skien, Telemark, Norway

Norsk utgave

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Much can be said about Skien as a small town. The city is probably most known for being Ibsen's birthplace and critized for factories downtown and a terrible roadcrossing between the center and the waterfront.

But Skien is mostly a great town, green and beautiful with the Hjellevannet lake as a natural oasis. During the 1970-ties the city center went thru a renovation, and some magnificent, old facades were destroyed. But large areas with beautiful architecture are still preserved. The finest districts are probably the streets around Ibsenparken and the Snipetorp street, from the city center to the city district Kleiva.

I have received quite a few requests for pictures from the modern Skien. Well, let me present to you Skien as the city looked like during the summer of '99. All pictures are © Stian H°iset 2000. The picture files are approximately of size 60k each. If you want to see how Skien looked like in elder days, you can take a look at my collection of old postcards.

  looking southwards from the church    
  the city church    
  the city hall    
  the Ibsen park    
  the customs hall    
  view from the customs hall picture 1  
  view from the customs hall picture 2  
  Henrik Ibsens street    
  log driving monument picture 1  
  log driving monument picture 2  
  from the city district Hjellen    
  Bakkestranda beach picture 1  
  Bakkestranda beach picture 2  
  Snipetorp street    
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